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20-03-2020 | Corona - COVID-19 - update




Het COVID-19 virus (Corona virus) treft inmiddels een groot aantal landen. Vooralsnog kan Kramer Electronics blijven produceren en lopen ook de leveringen geen hinder op. Mocht dit in de toekomst veranderen dan brengen we u hiervan direct middels een bericht op deze site op de hoogte. Klik hier voor overheidsnieuws en updates over Corona.

Hieronder het meest recente statement betreffende het Corona virus zoals we deze vanuit Kramer Electronics hebben ontvangen:


Valued Kramer Customers & Business Partners
As the COVID-19 Coronavirus begins to have a greater impact across the globe, our team will closely monitor the situation and continue to share updates on Kramer’s evolving strategy for ensuring the health and safety of our employees and clients as well as vital business continuity and support. 
We know that you count on us to provide quality innovative business solutions that are critical to your day-to-day operations and that of your clients. Rest assured that Kramer will continue to provide these services and keep any potential interruptions to an absolute minimum. 
Some of the actions Kramer has implemented to date: 
Allocating additional resources to ensure stock availability across all global territories, along with heightened monitoring of our external supply chain.
 In order to ensure continuity for Kramer customer service and support, Kramer employees will continue working both remotely and from our global offices depending upon local guidelines and employee requirements.
We’ve implemented mechanisms for expedited information sharing between all of our global offices and exclusive distributors in order to quickly identify, address and remedy any issues caused by the spread of COVID-19.
A Kramer COVID-19 response team has been assembled. Tasked with monitoring the latest developments, these executive leaders’ priority is to ensure employee and client health and safety as well as business continuity.
Like many other organizations, we are closely following the recommendations set by official sources in each country in which we operate, as well as global resources including the World Health Organization (WHO).
We are deeply grateful for the continued support of all Kramer employees, partners and customers. Kramer’s long tradition of innovation and agility will serve us well as we traverse these challenging times and look forward to the future.
Itzhak Bambagi, CEO 

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